COVID-19 update

Fields Forward Society is supporting COVID-19 health and safety training for farms and agriculture workers. The training is available for farmers and COVID coordinators.

Read more about the training here and contact Elizabeth Quinn to book your spot now:

Fields Forward

Fields Forward is a food and agriculture initiative in Creston and District. Fields
Forward envisions a vibrant productive local agri-food system that builds genuine
community wealth by supporting and sustaining the community’s environmental,
indigenous, social, cultural, economic and aesthetic values.

The Kootenay Farms Marketplace is an easier way to shop for fresh, local food in the Creston Valley by buying on-line. Read more here:

Fields ForwardA food processing facility in the Creston Valley needs a location and anchor tenants to be economically viable. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months. Read more here: Columbia Basin Regional Food Processing Survey


The Kootenay Mobile Press adds value to fresh and culled fruit grown in the Creston Valley. Read more here:


About Fields Forward

The goals of Fields Forward:
1. Increase economic development in Creston
and District food and farm sector;
2. Create and maintain meaningful, sustainable
local jobs …….(click to read more)

Mobile Press

In support of a viable food & agriculture economy, Fields Forward is creating the Food Venture Collaborative (FVC). The FVC is an enterprise-driven value-adding social benefit project for …….(click to read more)

Food Venture Collaborative

The Food Venture Collaborative (FVC) will bring private, public, and community partners together to identify emerging market opportunities and address shared agri-food
…….(click to read more)


Fields Forward is a Creston & District Community Directed Funds Initiative.